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Welcome to European Sustainable Development Week!


The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), running from 30 May – 5 June 2017, is a Europe-wide initiative to encourage government agencies, research centres, educational institutions, foundations, associations, businesses and individuals to put on activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development.

The event is supported by numerous partners including:

  • The Sustainable Development Observatory – set up in 2006 to establish a dialogue with civil society on all questions linked to sustainable development
  • The World Business Council for Sustainable Development – a CEO-led organisation of over 200 top businesses with 19 million employees and combined revenues of USD 8.5 trillion, working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world
  • ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability – a global network of over 1 500 cities, towns and regions committed​ to building​ a sustainable future
  • CSR Europe – the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility, which covers more than 10 000 companies and acts as a platform for businesses looking to enhance sustainable growth and contribute positively to society.

Last year’s ESDW drew high level political endorsements from, among others, Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, who said: “The ESDW gives organisers of innovative projects the opportunity to inspire each other and contribute to building together a sustainable future for Europe.  These kinds of bottom-up activities are crucial and must complement policies at national and EU level to ensure long-term sustainable development.”

Here at BNP Paribas Investment Partners we will be beating the drum for the EDSW. Among other events, tomorrow night will see a screening in our Paris office of the film ‘Plastic Ocean’. Throughout the week employees will be encouraged to recycle while spring cleaning their offices.

Source: Investors Corner

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