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Regulatory information

Voting Policy

Voting at general meetings is a key aspect of the ongoing dialogue with companies in which THEAM invests on behalf of its customers.

In applying our voting guidelines, we take into account specific circumstances as they relate to individual companies. Our policy and guidelines, are reviewed annually in order to reflect the evolution of corporate governance codes and market practices.

These following principles describe THEAM’s expectations of public companies in which we invest:

  1. Act in the long-term interests of shareholders
  2. Protect shareholders’ rights
  3. Ensure independent and efficient board structure
  4. Align incentive structures with long-term interests of shareholders
  5. Disclose accurate, adequate, and timely information
  6. Ensure good environmental and social performance

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Report on intermediation fees

In accordance with the provisions of Article 314-82 of the AMF General Regulation (RGAMF), we hereby notify you that our company is not eligible for the provisions of that article